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"Think Globally, Act Locally"

The Green Home Doctors is a family business which provides services to our clients and friends in the greater  Minneapolis and St. Paul areas.

We have our own crews.  We have made significant investments in their education around weatherization and building science best practices. We have a full array of diagnostic tools to help us identify and determine the causes of problems in the home.

We have consistently won outstanding reviews and awards for our services.  In large measure this happens because we care....we care about our community, we care about energy conservation and we care about our clients.

It is our wish to provide you with significant value from our services. Our business is growing by word-of-mouth and it is key to our success that you share your satisfaction with your friends, family and colleagues.

We really appreciate the support you have shown us over the last 6 years and look forward to working with you in the future.

Thank you,
Jen & Matt Danielson









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Our Services


We provide free energy assessments.  As State of Minnesota certified energy auditors we have the tools and resources  to provide valued insight and perspectives.


Considerable detail goes into sealing the building envelope. We adhere to 'best practices' and this work is done prior to insulating.


We specialize in cellulose and closed cell foam as we have found these to be superior insulation materials. We often avoid fiberglass . Ask us why.


We provide a way to greatly improve the efficiency of your existing windows, but at a fraction of the cost of replacements.


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